Computers Plus Evansville Indiana

The Story of Computers Plus - A Journey of Innovation and Commitmen

Computers Plus Evansville Indiana

In the bustling digital age, where technology is more integral to our daily lives than ever, one company has stood out by prioritizing something often overlooked in the tech industry: exceptional service. Computers Plus, a name synonymous with reliability and customer care, has a story that is as inspiring as its services are dependable.

The Spark of Innovation

The journey of Computers Plus began in 1997 in a rather humble setting—a college bedroom. Bill Fulkerson, then a senior at the University of Southern Indiana, faced a dilemma that many tech users encounter: inadequate service from big box stores. This frustration sparked an idea that would not only solve his problem but also address a widespread need. Bill envisioned a retail technology store that didn't just sell computers but prioritized customer service, ensuring support both before and after the purchase.

From Vision to Reality

With a clear vision and a passion for technology, Bill launched the first retail location of Computers Plus in September 1998. The store quickly set itself apart by offering top brands like Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and HP, but more importantly, by making stellar service its core offering. This commitment to excellence was met with overwhelming support from the community, and by the end of its first full year, Computers Plus had already surpassed $1 million in revenue.

Growth and Expansion

The success story didn’t stop there. In 2004, Computers Plus began franchising, a move that allowed for rapid expansion and scalability. By 2010, the brand had grown to include 20 locations across Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This growth wasn't just in numbers—the company also scaled in the quality and breadth of its services, adapting to the evolving tech landscape while maintaining its foundational focus on customer care.

A Staple in Southern Indiana and Beyond

Now, over 26 years later, Computers Plus has not only generated revenues in excess of $100 million but has also become a staple in the Southern Indiana community and beyond. Its reputation as a dependable retailer and service provider continues to draw customers who seek trustworthy technological support.

Computers Plus specializes in repair services, expertly repairing over 4,000 devices a year. This dedication to service extends beyond just fixing problems; it's about creating a reliable support system for customers in a technology-driven world.

Featuring Bill Fulkerson: The Visionary Behind Computers Plus

bill fulkerson

Bill Fulkerson is a distinguished businessman, investor and seasoned business leader, best known as the founder of Computers Plus, Newburgh Fitness, Fulkerson Realty, and Fulkerson Development. With decades of experience in both owning and consulting for small businesses, Bill's comprehensive expertise has made a significant mark on the business landscape.

Bill's entrepreneurial spirit ignited during his senior year at the University of Southern Indiana, with the establishment of Computers Plus. This venture not only surpassed revenue expectations by earning over $1 million in its first year but also expanded into a thriving franchise with 20 locations across Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee over the next 26 years. Computers Plus has exceeded $100 million in revenue and employed thousands of people, significantly contributing to the local economy. Today, Computers Plus continues to serve the Evansville community, standing as a beacon of Bill's legacy in fostering business excellence.

In 2003, Bill ventured into commercial property development with Fulkerson Development, specializing in Grade A premier retail properties. This entity has developed and now manages over 250,000 SF of retail space across eight properties. These spaces host a mix of national and local tenants including Computers Plus, Verizon Wireless, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Kay Jewelers, Chicken Salad Chick, and Eyemart Express, enhancing the commercial landscape of their locations.

Beyond his business acumen, Bill is deeply committed to community leadership. He has consistently engaged in philanthropic efforts, supporting local charities, educational institutions, and community projects. His dedication is reflected in his active participation in numerous charitable organizations, aiming to positively impact countless lives.

Bill is also a mentor and advisor, passionately sharing his wealth of knowledge with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Known for his hands-on approach, he provides invaluable guidance to those looking to navigate the complexities of business startup and growth.

As a respected voice in the business community, Bill's insights on entrepreneurship, business development, and economic expansion are highly sought after. His commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering success in others have garnered him widespread admiration and respect. Bill Fulkerson's visionary leadership continues to influence the economic and social fabric of Southern Indiana.

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